Get Involved

As a codechecker

You are a scientist and want to help codechecking submissions?

Awesome! Please open an issue on the codecheckers repository to be added to the codecheckers team using this link.

As an author

You want to share the code underlying your research paper? Congratulations for the decision to practice Open Science and reproducible research!

There are different ways for you to get involved, for example (a) submit a manuscript to a journal conducting CODECHECKs, (b) suggest a CODECHECK as part of your cover letter, or (c) submit your workflow to the community review process right away if you have published a preprint or submit to a journal with an open review.

As a reviewer or editor

If you are contributing to science as a reviewer of academic manuscripts or as a journal editor, you can initiate a CODECHECK for submitted articles if the author provides suitable information. The CODECHECK team would be excited to help you start a conversation with your (fellow) journal editors on how you to best achieve that, i.e., if you conduct a community CODECHECK, or if you want to set up a proper process at the journal (see below).

As a journal, publisher, or conference

You are an editor or reviewer at a journal or conference and are interested to introduce a CODECHECK?

Great! There is no formal process or certification. You can simply announce publicly that you conduct a code review adhereing to the CODECHECK principles, e.g. in a blog post. A link to the CODECHECK principles in your submission guidelines would probably be helpful for authors and reviewers. Please consider adding a CODECHECK badge badge to the publication to highlight the fact that a CODECHECK was conducted. The badge should link directly to the CODECHECK report.

The badge graphic and all documentation on this website are available under open licenses, see this README.

The CODECHECK team would be glad to help you set up a process, if you have any questions. We would be happy to list your journal of conference on our website after we have gotten to know your implementation of a CODECHECK process and you have completed your first CODECHECK.

As a developer or science communicator

CODECHECK is a community effort, and your help is welcome across all tasks that the team faces. If you want to write code to assisst codecheckers to conduct more effective reviews or to streamline the CODECHECK review processes, or if you want to help presenting and sharing CODECHECK’s vision and educate others on code executability checks - then please get in touch with the CODECHECK team (see email links in footer).