The CODECHECK bundle is not formally specified, as its contents are largely at the discretion of the codechecker. Unlike the CODECHECK configuration file, which has a more formal specification. Therefore, this page acts as a guidance for codecheckers and may evolve over time.

The CODECHECK bundle includes all files that the codechecker used to conduct the CODECHECK. This may include a copy of the author’s files, and any additional files that the codechecker created to assisst them in their codecheck.

Computing environment documentation

  • Binder’s REES specification, for example by creating one or several of the following files or tools:
    • Dockerfile
    • Binder
    • environment.yml
    • requirements.txt
    • DESCRIPTION file (R package)
  • virtual environments (Python)
  • package renv (R)
  • Dockerfile and Docker image

Codecheck report with R Markdown

R Markdown has some nice features that are helpful for writing a report.

  • Literate programming and code chunks (hidden, visible) with nice looking and mostly hastle free PDF output (using tinytex)
  • You can configure document metadata, e.g. the title or subtitle, anywhere in the document, so you can choose to configure them only in the codecheck.yml, see this example
  • The CODECHECK assistant is an R package that streamlines report writing with R