CODECHECKing goes NL - strengthening open science through reproducible publications in the Netherlands (CHECK-NL)

The Dutch research organization NWO funds the project CodeCHECKing goes NL.

Many research outputs rely on computational methods. Open Science principles ask for those to be shared and to be reproducible. However, in traditional scientific publishing, computational methods are rarely re-run during review. Our project team aims to check the computational workflows of at least 50 scientific articles for reproducibility, and we aim to reach an agreement with journal editors to establish such a check routinely in their review process. To kickstart both, we will organise roadshows at four locations to bring experienced and new code reviewers, authors, and editors together to implement codechecking in a sustainable way.

Find all codechecks conducted as part of CODECHECK NL in the CODECHECK Register:

Latest News

  • SAVE THE DATE! 26 September 2024 Upcoming CodeCheckNL event at University of Twente focusing on geosciences. Stay tuned for updates…

  • First CODECHECK-NL event at TU Delft successfully concluded! Read about it on our workshop page

  • Reserve 30 May in your agenda for the first event at the TU Delft More info including how to register found here. For all questions on the events, send an e-mail to For questions on the project, please contact Frank Ostermann ( For updates, watch this space or follow us on the channels listed below!

Meet the project team

Frank Ostermann (University of Twente, lead) Mastodon Home page

Angelina Momin (University of Twente) LinkedIn

Daniela Gawehns (UMCG Groningen, Dutch Reproducibility Network) Home page

Saba Sharma (TU Delft)

Junzi Sun (TU Delft) Home page

Frederique Belliard (TU Delft) LinkedIn

Stephen Eglen (University of Cambridge, CODECHECK) Home page

Daniel Nüst (TU Dresden, CODECHECK) Home page